3 Steps to Owning Social Media (B.C.M)

Step 1: Branding

A great way to determine how to brand your artist or yourself as a manager is to ask the following questions:


1. What are your values and what do you really care about?

What are your artist's values and what do they really care about?


2. What is important to you besides managing your artist(s)?

What is important to your artist besides their music and their art?


3. Does your visual appearance speak the language of your business?

 Does your artist's visual appearance speak the language of their music? 

4. What is your elevator pitch?

What is your artist's elevator pitch?


5. Who is your target demographic?

Who is your artist's audience?


6. Is your brand cohesive?

Is your artist's brand cohesive?

7. Are you allowing yourself to be flexible? (Remember, change is okay!)

Are you allowing your artist to be flexible? 



Step 2: Content

Content Planning can be stressful but it doesn't have to be. Let's answer these questions to get on track:


1. What are my primary goals on social media?

What are my artist's primary goals on social media?

2. Which social platforms should I be on?

Which social platforms should my artist be on?

3. When should I be posting?

When should my artist be posting?

4. How often should I be posting?

How often should my artist be posting?

5. How do I create original content?

How does my artist create original content?

6. How do I curate content?

How does my artist curate content?

The first step of social media content planning is determining your own goals and your artist's goals too. Choose 1 or 2 primary goals such as:

* Building an audience & fans

* Promoting concerts & events


* Selling albums & merchandise


Pick 1 or 2 social media platforms and focus solely on them. Don't spread yourself or your artist too thin and stress about being on every platform. I would suggest sticking to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.


Simple. 1 post per day across each platform. Keep it simple and post the same content. 



1. Maximize video and photoshoots:

*Schedule a day with your artist to take as many promotional pictures as possible. Have them bring several changes of clothes and a variety of gear, and go help them shoot against different backdrops

*Turn your artist's practice into a photoshoot by capturing behind the scenes rehearsal shots

* Photograph your artist and yourself in weekly meetings and/or just hanging out working on music together

2. Give followers a backstage pass:


Who are you/your artist beyond music? Share what they/you're doing in your everyday life with your followers.


3. Explain your/their process:


Share your artist's song writing rituals as well as your own. Your/their tips could help inspire your/their followers and get to know you/them better. Post your/your artist's creative process, tips for beating writer's block, and what inspires you/them to get into the creative zone. 

4. Tell your/their story:

The internet loves good, inspirational stories. Open up and talk to your followers about your progress as an artist manager, your struggles, your accomplishments, and your embarrassing moments. Let your followers become part of your journey and they'll want to stick around and see where it goes. Have your artists do the same.

5. Connect with your/their fans and followers:

For those days you/your artist feel you've got nothing much to say online, reach out to your followers. Every opportunity that you can find to interact is an opportunity you should take. Followers that feel noticed are more likely to stick around. Ask your followers questions like who inspires them creatively? What do they look for in a song? What do they like about your favourite artists? Have your artists do the same.



Who inspires you/your artist creatively? Share your go-to playlists, favourite artists, and best writing spots. Tagging, sharing and shouting out on social media is a great way to network and contribute to the artistic community. You can also get discovered by other artists and industry people who like the same stuff you do. 

PRO TIP # 1: Curating material across Facebook and Twitter is easy, but for Instagram use the Repost App for Android and iPhone.

Step 3: Management

Hootsuite and Buffer are the two most popular social media management platforms out there. Long story short, Hootsuite is better because it offers more social networks, more app integrations and better analytics.

Hootsuite's Free Plan includes: 3 social profiles, basic analytics, content scheduling, 2 RSS feed integrations, lead capture campaigns, 150+ free and paid Apps, online help center and free social media courses. 

PRO TIP # 2: Hootsuite is the way to go - get started  here:  https://hootsuite.com/plans/free




You can access Instagram insights but only after switching to a Business Profile within the app. However, you can can always see your social stats in Hootsuite's Analytics dashboard.


You can access Facebook analytics both within your Facebook account and also in the Hootsuite Analytics dashboard.


You can access Twitter analytics both within your Twitter account and also in the Hootsuite Analytics dashboard.


1. Determine which types of posts are most popular with your audience. Do your followers engage more with photos, videos, or information driven posts? Start focusing on putting out the types of posts that followers interact with most.

2. Determine which days of the week and what hours of the day your posts are seeing the highest engagement rates. Start putting out more content during these times.

3. Determine what combination of hashtags are bringing in the most engagement and narrow down your most useful ones.

4. Discover how many new followers you are gaining per month on average versus how many new people you are following. Use this data to analyze your organic growth. If you aren't seeing much growth, ads could be a good choice.

How To Create A Marketing Campaign PDF 

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Artists Who Are Killing It On Social Media

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Go do Luther's 10 Day Instagram Challenge


Post a video on Instagram every day for 10 days starting Monday. Hashtag #StateOfTheArtist so Luth can see who's taking part. 

Do this to kick start being yourself online. This can be the solution to overthinking your posts and realizing that it doesn't matter as much as you think. Just put something on the friggin' internet. It will build your momentum. By the last 10 you'll be committed. 


Below are the instructions for each day. If you don't like his suggestions, post what you want, just make sure you hit 10 days.

Hit me back with your Insta handle so I can follow you. I'm @chalaspeciale and Luth is @luthermallory.


Don't stress, just post. You don't even need to talk. Show us your lunch, your balcony view, your sleeping father. Just put a video on Instagram today to kick start this thing!



Show your art. Don't look at the camera. Sing something in your home. Play your instrument. Show us something you're producing. Whatever your art form, show us.



Tell a story. Don't look at the camera. Anything. Absurd and amazing things have happened to you in your life. Tell us about it.



Post anything today WHILE wearing something you think is cool but have been too self-conscious to show off.


DAY 5 

Show your art. Don't look at the camera. Sing something in your home. Play your instrument. Show us something you're producing. Whatever your art form, show us. And don't practice it for 3 hours first.



Tell a story. Do it looking at the camera, not your own face on the screen. Do it while wearing something you think is cool but have been too self-conscious to show off.



Show you art. Do it looking at the camera, not your own face on the screen. Sing something in your home. Play your instrument. Show us something you're producing. Whatever your art form, show us.


DAY 8 

Share your opinion about something. Oh, shit! Do it looking at the camera, not your own face on the screen.


DAY 9 

Talk to your camera in public. Show and tell us something with people around while you do it.


DAY 10

Show your art in public! Do it looking at the camera, not your own face on the screen. Show us what you do while people are around that might hear what you're doing. 

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