Reseller faq

Frequently asked questions

What is your "white-label" Reseller Program?

Our Reseller Program allows you to sell our social media services to your own client base, totally white-label starting at only $199/month. This means you can put your own price tag on our services and charge your clients whatever you think is fair. You just pay us the cost of our services.



How does it work?

1. Fill out the Reseller Application Form 

2. A Reseller Specialist will be in touch and give you access to our Reseller Zone

3. Start selling our services to your clients right away!



Is there a fee for becoming a Reseller?




Do I need multiple clients to become a Reseller?

There is no minimum, one client is enough to get started with us.





What does "white-label" mean?

White label means that we do not mark our brand (logo or company name) on any services you sell to your clientele. Unless you tell them, your own clients will never know that we have anything to do with managing their social media accounts. 





As a Reseller, how do I sign up a new client?

After you sign up for our Reseller Program, we will send you a Super Social Reseller Package via email with all of the information you will need. When you are ready to sign up your clients, simply refer to the link in your email we sent and you'll be taken to the Private Reseller Zone where you can purchase services and add-ons for them.





As a Reseller, who will I be in touch with?

When you sign up with us, you will be assigned to a Social Media Manager who will always be available to assist you with any questions you may have.





As a Reseller, will you provide me with marketing materials?

Yes! Once you sign up to become a Reseller, we will give you access to our Reseller Zone where you will download a PDF of our services for your clients. You will also be given access to a white-label website that you will direct your clients to in order for them to provide you with all of their account set up information. 





Do I have to sign a Reseller Agreement?

Yes, there is a short Reseller Agreement outlining our working relationship together.





What if my client wants to upgrade or downgrade their package?

You can upgrade or downgrade a client's package at any time. However, we do not prorate any monthly fees. This means that you will have to either wait until the end of their billing cycle to activate their new package by re-purchasing it through our website, or you can purchase their new package immediately, however no refunds will be made.

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