Your Brand's "In-House" Social Media Marketing Strategy

Primarily, Super Social is the affordable, small business, social media solution. That's our thing.

But, we also help with a ton of other critical marketing mediums for businesses including, design, website building, and strategy.

The truth is, it takes time for a business to build their social media presence to the point where customers and clients start following and engaging the businesses they like on social media.

And, for some businesses, it never happens.

Not because the brand isn't interesting, but because the brand isn't letting their customers and clients know where they can be found online.

If you don't tell your customers where you are online, how will they find you?

The in-house strategy is a critical element to the success of social media growth.

The in-house strategy pushes customers toward the business's online pages by simply ensuring customers know where to click to find them online.

Here's a simple example: A restaurant that wants a greater online presence so they add a "follow us on Facebook" icon on the front of their menu to plant the idea in the customer's mind right where they are looking.

This is a simple and effective in-house strategy for directing customers to the business's online social media pages.

Over time, the restaurant will pick up organic followers 1 by 1. Over more time, if the restaurant is sharing and creating valuable content online, those followers will start sharing and engaging.

This is how a business's social media presence is built. Committing to a strategy both online, and in-house.

To find out more about what Super Social can do to blast off your in-house strategy, contact us at

Mike Church

Super Social Blogging Team

Mike is a hipster. He loves music you probably don't know like Ariel Pink. He has a dog named Patch and he was nationally ranked in Judo as a kid.

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