Social Media Page Abandonment Is Bad For Your Business

When Super Social started out in 2012, we interviewed countless small and large businesses about social media.

Our findings led us to develop Super Social $99, our flagship service, which now helps hundreds of businesses manage their online presence for a cost per month that is 80% lower than most other social media management companies.

What we found is that business owners were ABANDONING their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ Pages after only a few months of starting them.

We discovered 3 main reasons business owners abandon their pages:

  1. No extra time to invest in learning and managing their pages

  2. No extra money to pay a manager or company up to $1500 per month

  3. No desire to learn how to use social platforms

The critical problem with Page Abandonment is it looks really really bad to potential customers searching for you online.

Here's an example: You have a coffee shop. Someone near your location searches online for near-by coffee shops and you pop up! Inevitably, this person searches for your website or your social media pages online to find out more about what you do, so they can decide if you’re worth checking out.

If the first page they click on is your Facebook Page, and the last time you posted anything was 3 months ago, it says to the potential customer that you’re unprofessional, uninterested, or unexciting. That potential customer will probably choose a coffee shop that posts great pictures, articles, and videos frequently online because they can get a good sense of what this business offers.

This is the precise reason Super Social came into existence. We saw there was a need for small business social management and that the monthly cost other companies were charging was way beyond what small businesses could afford.

Our packages start at $99/month to cure Page Abandonment. What you get is 1 post a day, 365 days a year across the social platforms of your choice. The content is industry specific, in the language of your brand, and high quality.

If you can’t keep up with your social pages, outsource it to Super Social, DON’T abandon your page.

Kell Randell

Super Social Blogging Team

Kell Randell was originally born in Namibia, Africa, and moved to Toronto, Canada, when she was 3 months old. She is a serious 80s movie buff, and loves painting and chalk art.

Super Social Team

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