What Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On?

Excitement is a powerful driver. It causes businesses starting out on social media to create a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and LinkedIn Page before even asking this important question: Why?

At Super Social, we focus on 5 of the biggest social platforms for business: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+.

So, before you impulsively open accounts for 14 different social sites, let’s really simply breakdown why you might use the top 5.

Facebook – The everything platform. We think every business should be on Facebook because it’s well-rounded. Great for video, photo, posting articles, engaging with customers, and even reviews, Facebook is the jack of all trades platform

Twitter – The text platform. Great for sharing short, interesting bits of information to your followers. Your customers get to read what you’re thinking from minute to minute.

Instagram – The visual platform. If you’ve got a storefront, or a product, or a particular aesthetic, Instagram is your opportunity to show your customers what you’re doing in pictures and video.

LinkedIn – The networking platform. LinkedIn is a B2B dream, if you’re sharing great content and consistently making new connections. If you offer products or services to other businesses, it can be a networking and lead building gold mine.

Google+ - The “Suck Up To Google” platform. Google runs the internet, so being active on their social network gets you preferred treatment.

It seems like a lot to take in but all you have to do is figure out which platforms suit your business based on the strength of the platform and what you’re trying to show your customers.

Of course, this is Super Social’s master skill, so when in doubt, contact us and we’ll handle everything for you at prices as low as $99/month.

Mike Church

Super Social Blogging Team

Mike is a hipster. He loves music you probably don't know like Ariel Pink. He has a dog named Patch and he was nationally ranked in Judo as a kid.

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