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& we're in the business
of digital beauty marketing.
We help plastic surgeons & cosmetologists generate online leads, boost sales & skyrocket their incomes. When it comes to customer acquisition - we just f*cking get it.

Chala Speciale 

Co-Founder, Social Media

Strategist & Brand Specialist


Tala Speciale 

Social Media Strategist

& Community Growth Expert

Want more leads for your business?

We're in the business of digital beauty marketing. We help plastic surgeons & cosmetologists generate online leads, boost sales & skyrocket their incomes. When it comes to customer aquisition
- we just f*cking get it.

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We're industry leaders in direct response, customer acquisition and lead generation. We build, monitor and manage campaigns to grow businesses and drive results. Your potential clients are on Facebook and Instagram and we know how to reach them.


A well designed Facebook advertisement has the ability to reach the same number of people as a television ad for 1% of the cost. It's time you move your marketing money over to Facebook and Instagram and start making sales today.

Why Your Biz Needs Social Media Ads


There is nothing more cost-effective than Facebook and Instagram advertising because you can reach 1,000 potential customers for as little as $5 per day.


With Facebook and Instagram advertising, you have the ability to re-target people that have interacted with your business in the past. You can specifically send out new ads to these "warm leads" and remind them of their intention to reach out to your business. This is a true super power of Facebook and Instagram advertising. 


Facebook and Instagram advertising gets you instant access to thousands of potential customers. Gone are the days of waiting around for radio, print, and billboard advertising to generate results. With direct response marketing, you'll be in touch with your leads instantly.


Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to target potential customers with amazing accuracy. Having the ability to target your ads to your exact demographic (including job title, age, household income, hobbies, relationship status, etc.) means your ad spend is going only towards potentially interested customers.

Our Process


A dedicated Advertising Specialist will be assigned to your account and will be in charge of creating, managing and monitoring your Ad Campagin. Your Ad Specialist will research your business and industry inside out in order to develop a successful advertising srategy to drive traffic and boost leads.


All of our Advertising Specialists at Super Social have a background in Graphic Design and/or Branding. This means that when it comes to designing engaging ads, we are the best. From ad copy, to catchy headlines, to designing engaging visual designs, we do it all. We also split test all of our ads in order to determine which are driving the most engagement.


We're performance driven at Super Social which means numbers are just as important to us as they are to you. Your Ad Specialist will deliver bi-weekly and/or monthly reports for you to evaluate together in order to determine which adjustments to make going forward. 


Spending money on ads is useless unless you have a solid advertising strategy in place that is customized to your businesses individual needs. Each business and industry is unique, that's why we take time to develop comprehensive, lead-generating advertising strategies for our clients every single day.


Our team of qualified Advertising Specialists dedicate each day to monitoring your ads closely and ensuring that low-performing ads are being adjusted and/or stopped in order to drive conversions and boost potential lead acquisition. 

Our Services

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"Since working with Chala and Tala my cosmetic surgery practice has had a MASSIVE increase in sales online.

I'm getting clients from all over Canada and the United States now and have never seen growth like this in the 10 years I've owned my practice. These girls really are something else.

I highly recommend working with them!"

Dr. Phillip Williams | Plastic Surgeon

Our Clients Love Us

Image by Jon Ly

Hailey Wilderson & Co.

"My cosmetology clinic has grown by hundreds of clients in just a few short months working with these amazing sisters. I can't imagine not working with them now. Highly, highly recommend them!"

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Pink Bands

"Chala and Tala helped build my entire fitness brand from start to finish and helped me target the perfect online audience. I'm making international sales because of the funnel they built me online. These girls are seriously next level - always going above and beyond"

Image by Van le

Bai Li's Beauty Bar

"I have increased my client base dramatically working with Chala and Tala. I ignored digital ads for so many years and they are changing my game!"

Image by Fleur Kaan

Our Client: A cosmetic surgery practice located in Toronto


Our Client's Goals: The surgeon had opened up a brand new clinic but had been practicing for 15 years. Although there was some patient cross-over between his old and new practice, he wanted to completely rebrand his online presence and expand his client base in a new city.


Our Work: After implementing a brand strategy, we built our client a brand new website with a sales funnel to generate leads via Facebook and Instagram advertising. We then set up their social media accounts, Google local business profile and patient rating profiles. Once the setup process was complete we implemented an imbound marketing strategy that included the following:

- Monthly Facebook & Instagram Management

- Monthly Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation Campaigns | Ad Management

- Producing & Publishing Weekly Blog Articles to Boost SEO

- Ongoing Marketing Strategy & Consulting

- Monthly Metrics Review & Analysis

Our Results: We often tell our clients to expect a 6-12 month period to start seeing meaningful results in new engagement - however, we were surprised to start seeing results much sooner, in just a few short months. 

- Web traffic increased by over 400% within 5 months

- Social media reach increased by over 1,000% in 5 months

- Lead generation increased by 300% in 5 months.

Conclusion: Our inbound marketing strategy has increased our client's web visits, skyrocketed their social media audience and has generated continuous leads in just 5 months. We helped this Plastic Surgeon's practice achieve marketing success in just a few short months and we are confident we can help your business grow too. 

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